Here is a snapshot of sessions and workshops that Sonja has provided.
Blended Learning: Setting the Stage for the 21st Century Classroom

The need for effective blended learning environments — the best of online and face-to-face learning, coupled with tools driving continuous assessment of progress and personalization of content — is on the rise.  A study from the International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL) showed that blended learning has a positive impact on those teachers who choose to incorporate emerging models of practice into their classroom environments.  Blended learning also provides an opportunity for self-pacing. In the 2014 K-12 New Media Consortium Horizon Report, the panel identified blended learning as being one of the two trends that will have a strong impact on policy decisions over the next five years. While the panel experts also believe that the trend toward use of blended learning designs will reach its maximum impact in schools in three to five years, policy makers are already taking important actions to design effective approaches and protocol. In this session, we will take a deep look at blended learning, its impact on teaching and learning, and the tools currently available so that teachers can build robust learning environments that foster student success.

OneNote: The ultimate collaboration Tool


OneNote is the ultimate tool allowing you to create digital notebooks. You now have a place to gather ALL of your notes and information with the added benefit of finding what you are looking for quickly with powerful search capabilities. You can easily share notebooks to collaborate effectively with any group in the cloud, desktop and mobile phone. OneNote can free up space on your desk, your bookshelf, and your filing cabinet as you begin to use this ultimate tool and move those many files and notebooks online. In this hands-on session participants will develop a basic understanding of how to use OneNote as a personal organization tool and a collaborative tool. You will see examples of OneNote notebooks and develop ways to use OneNote in your classrooms.

Digital Storytelling in the Classroom


Teachers face the same challenge when introducing a new lesson or new learning material — how to grab students’ attention and draw them into the discussion. Sharing a short movie on a subject gets students to sit up and take notice.  Teachers who bring digital storytelling into the classroom are discovering what makes this vehicle for expression worth the effort. They watch students gain proficiency in writing and research, visual literacy, critical thinking, and collaboration. They see students take part in a range of learning styles. Of course, they also see students make authentic use of technology. Sometimes, they even hear students discover the power of their own voice. In this session, see video examples of how digital storytelling in the real classrooms can help students demonstrate understanding of complex concepts and begin planning your own learning activity that will engage students as they work to meet the standard in whatever content you teach.

Flip over Office Mix!


Get superpowers for your PowerPoint decks!  Learn how to flip learning with PowerPoint 2013 and Office Mix. This free add-in makes creating flipped lessons a snap. You will embed assessments, screen record, and narrate to make a powerful lesson that your students can access from any web-enabled device.  Additionally, create interactivity by embedding apps such as Geogebra or PhET to give kids hands-on practice without leaving the Mix.  

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