Innovative Learning

Leveraging technology with high-quality instruction to achieve innovative results.



Since 2006, Sonja has worked with teachers of all grade levels, all content areas, and with administrators on integrating technology and best practices to develop high-quality instruction.



Iin the end, it is about the teaching, not the technology.  However teachers need time to practice and learn new tools.  Sonja works to build learning in which teachers can apply their learning immediately with their students.


In this world of constant change, it is imperative that we, as educators, keep learning and taking new risks. As an educator in the public education system for 21 years, her first years were in the dawn of the internet. She has experienced the great shift that technology has brought to the education landscape.The best teachers are not afraid to let go and let their students try new things. Sonja works with teachers to support them in practicing fearlessness as they work to shift their practice towards problem based, rigorous instruction infused with technology. 



Sonja has been involved in creating just-in-time videos and online learning experiences for teachers across the globe.  Digital storytelling is a powerful tool that allows educators to see the possibilities.


“Sonja was an amazing presenter. To take a group of tired jet-lagged educators and keep them interested and enthused was incredible.

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